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The Media Mentor

Welcome to The Media Mentor website - where you can find expert advice and guidance on advancing your career, with mentoring, coaching and training.

Run by experienced broadcaster, coach and mentor David Spencer, our services range from CV creation and writing to individual mentoring sessions and interview practise. We welcome experienced media professionals, students and recent graduates who need help to smooth the job application process. Whether you are starting your career, looking to make that next step, or even if you want a change of direction, we can help you make the right decisions and help make the right contacts. Don't just trust our word for it though, read the testimonial page to hear from people we have helped.

What I Help With

CV Writing

Advice on how to structure and layout your CV. This covers key things to include and information to leave out, as well as advice on how to maximise your experience. We can create and rewrite your CV if needed.

Applications and Cover Letter Advice

The most important part of a job application is the cover letter and this is the part people often find the hardest. Here you will receive guidance on how to structure the cover letter and how to maximise your experience. This will increase your chances of being asked for interview.

Career Advice 

Getting advice from someone who is neutral (not a partner, family member, colleague) is essential to be able to get a clear view of what is right thing to do. The sessions will provide focus, insight and guidance on how to progress your career.

Stay up to date 

Media Mentor on Twitter


Keep up to date with the latest jobs and opportunities each weekday on our Twitter.

Across the week, we post radio and audio on Monday, TV and video on Tuesday, PR/Comms on Wednesday, entry-level roles plus internships etc on Thursday and print/online/B2B on Friday.


New jobs appear on our job pages across the week and those closing soon are also flagged. It is a great way of keeping a close eye on what's available in one place.

“The review of my CV and covering letter gave me the confidence to understand how to use it to my advantage at the interview stage"

- Connor after getting his first job in the industry 

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If you want to find out more about our mentoring and interview coaching or for any general questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

    Thank you for getting in touch!

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