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In 2023 we helped dozens of people progress their media career. That includes helping someone land a job with the BBC having told me she felt washed up. We also helped people get roles with Sky News through interview advice, guiding someone to a role with Harrods and helping some to get a position at Monocle. Just a few of our recent successes. Our mentoring has tangible benefits and provides emotional and practical support when searching for work or looking to expand your portfolio of clients. Whether you are starting out or have established yourself in media, I can help. get in touch to find out more.

"David's knowledge of the media industry, his patience and interest in helping others to get the job they want, has enabled me to enter the area of journalism that I have hoped to break into for years. From the first time I contacted David, I felt he had a genuine interest in supporting others which means his approach is thorough and committed. 
I would recommend him to everyone." - Lila


"During our first session, David gave me purpose and confidence, as well as guidance on how to really improve my CV. Since then, he has been a constant source of fantastic advice, helping me prepare for interviews and always generous with his time. He has been a huge help over a long period of time, helping me to make the career move I wanted. I could not recommend him more and I will continue to lean on him as a sounding board as my career progresses."


"David's experience and insight into the industry was invaluable to me as a recent graduate, especially during a pandemic. I was having a hard time after having work placements cancelled, but with David's mentoring, helping with CVs and coaching for job interviews, I have landed my first full-time radio job. I am beyond thankful for his direct, non patronising approach and advice."


“David’s services were superb. Breaking into the news media can be an extremely difficult and frustrating experience. The industry is opaque and you often have no idea if you’re making progress or even heading in the right direction when it comes to trying to find a job. David can clear all that up for you, tell you what matters, what employers are looking for, and what you need to work on. He’s committed and is able to be honest in a constructive way. If you need advice on the next step of your career, I thoroughly recommend getting in touch with David.”
Stack of newspapers

"Thanks so much for our meeting and review of my career and CV. I have been feeling frustrated about things but left our meeting with a spring in my step and will take that into my applications from now on. My confidence has been boosted."

- Robert

At the Studio



"My CV was described as 'great' after a review session with David and led to me being put forward for an ultimately successful interview."


"During our session you gave me the tools I needed to write a strong cover letter, something I was really struggling with before our mentoring session. You continued to be a huge support whenever I had an interview and for that I’m so grateful."


"The review of my CV and covering letter gave me the confidence to understand how to use it to my advantage at the interview stage."
Somebody being recroded in an interview with microphones

"After meeting David to go through my CV, I felt so much more confident with applications. His advice and reassurance helped push me in the right direction and I’ve now broken into an industry I’ve been trying for months to get into."

- Madi


"David is a wonderful mentor who combines reassurance with practical tips to pave the way to your dream career. After months of freelancing, next week I start a full-time position at a radio station I'm very excited about. I credit all that to David."


 “There have been a lot of times over the past few months where I really thought about giving up on journalism, and you’ve really helped me keep going and find my way.”


"I was all set to give up on a media career until my mentoring sessions. Within weeks I had my first interviews and within two months I was starting a dream job. Without David's support I'd never have achieved this."
Working on a job application
"This is the BEST constructive feedback on my CV I've ever received in my time on earth. I'm so thankful for your advice!"

- Thereeda


“All your advice has been so useful and made me feel a lot better about interviews!”


"I am positive that I got the job due to your help with my CV and cover letter. Everything changed after that. Can’t thank you enough."


“It’s crazy how far I’ve come so quickly. Definitely thanks to you helping me get onto the ladder.”
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