About the Media Mentor


I offer a way to continue your development and help advance your career, through training, advice, and guidance. In an increasingly tough industry, my neutral and honest advice can give you that competitive advantage.

Whether you are a graduate with a need to understand the job market better and how to present yourself on paper - or if you are an experienced professional moving jobs for the first time in several years - I can help you make that next step.

From journalism graduates to high level professionals inside government, I have mentored people across different stages of their career, always with positive feedback and results.

My strength is empathy; getting a proper understanding of what you need to develop and move on. I will help you focus your CV and applications to achieve that next step. I am also a reliable sounding board for decision making.

The feedback I have had has been wonderful but also many clients have gone on to progress their career. 

Whether you are starting your career, looking to make that next step, or even if you want a change of direction, I can help you make the right decisions and help make the right contacts.

What I Can Help With

Any of these services can be offered individually or as part of a package.


While a CV is a relatively straight document showcasing your career and achievements, it does need to attract employers with demonstrable skills. A media CV can be very different to any other industry and it is important that you showcase the right things, in the right order and in the right way. While I won't redeisgn your CV for you - I will help get all the content better.

Cover Letters 

The cover letter is the most important aspect to a job application. Without a good cover letter the potential employer will not look at your CV. I have a framework and guide that can help shape your cover letters more effectively and make you more appealing. It will also help ease the workload of writing a new cover letter for every application.

Employment and Freelance Advice 

For those already established in the industry, I offer a career evaluation to help you understand the next step to take and then work with you to make that next step. Freelance can be seen as a negative word by some - but much of the media industry is made up of 'freelancers'. I can help you manage the process of becoming your own boss; from getting work to managing your accounts.

Demo and Showreel Evaluation 

Having a great demo or showreel is essential. If you want to make it in TV or radio you will need to be showcasing these skills effectively. I will help you ensure you are doing this in the best way.

Voice Coaching

I have worked with people from Sky News, Sky Sports and across the radio industry to help with their on-air output. Sessions are fun but an in-depth learning experience on maximising your voice and improving your confidence when broadcasting.

Work Placement Advice 

Sometimes it is unclear whether an opportunity is a good or bad one. You can use me as a sounding board for checking what internships or placements to go for.

Interview Preparation

Interviews are often intimidating to people - partly because you don't have them very often. This can be the case if you're a graduate or have an established career. I can oversee dummy interviews as well as preparing you for questions and scenarios to boost your confidence and understanding.


“The review of my CV and covering letter gave me the confidence to understand how to use it to my advantage at the interview stage". 

Connor- after getting his first job in the industry